Into the Pixel - An Exhibition of the Art of he Video Game    


Susan Luo

Sucker Punch Productions
inFamous: Second Son

Could you tell us more about the Jump art piece and the inspiration behind it?

We were getting ready to release some promotional images and I wanted to create one to show off the energy and fun of Delsinís smoke power. I was inspired by artists Phil Hale and Marko Djurdjevic for their dynamic art style and compositions.

What are some of your favorite games overall and why?

Currently I am enjoying the Dark Souls series. I love getting immersed in a world and being able to choose different play styles. Other favorites include Okami, Skyrim and Zone of the Enders 2.

Dark Souls II

Who is one of your biggest inspirations in the art community - could you explain why?

I am a great fan of Jaime Jones. His dedication to art is inspiring. Every time I see a new piece from him I tell myself I need to go practice.

Jaime Jones

Could you tell us more about your journey in how you became a game artist and your current position?

I started getting into pc games and eventually a few console games in high school. It seemed like a far off dream to be able to have a career as an artist in the video game industry. Meanwhile I had been participating in art forums where I met many artists professional and aspiring alike. The online art community was a great place for artists to showcase their work and get some real feedback. I did some coloring for comics on the side for a while before getting my first game related freelance gig. Since then Iíve moved from Vancouver to North Carolina and now Iím in Washington working at Sucker Punch. We have a talented team here and itís been a blast working on inFAMOUS Second Son.

What is a random/unique fact about the game youíre working on or yourself that others may not know?

At a very young age when I still lived in China, I was almost drafted to play ping pong professionallyÖ As it turned out Iím actually terrible at ping pong.

Where can fans follow your work online or through social media?

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