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Jon Gibson

Jon M. Gibson

Jon M. Gibson

Founder and Partner
Gibson is the founder and a partner in iam8bit, a production company, marketing boutique and artist collective, with a primary focus on beautifying pop culture by way of experience and design. iam8bit has worked a bunch of cool companies to do just that, including 20th Century Fox, Capcom Entertainment, Interscope, MTV, New Line Cinema, Nintendo of America, Sony Computer Entertainment America, Spike Digital, Square-Enix, Universal Pictures and The Walt Disney Company.

Prior to iam8bit, Gibson was a videogame/tech journalist, writing for the likes of Electronic Gaming Monthly, LA Weekly, GQ, Maxim, Menís Health, Vanity Fair, Wired and Yahoo! He has also written several animated television shows for Disney Channel, Scholastic/PBS, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, and currently writes/directs a variety of viral, short form and commercial projects under the iam8bit marquee.