Into the Pixel - An Exhibition of the Art of he Video Game    


2008 Into The Pixel Jury

Kevin Salatino Kevin Salatino
Curator of Prints & Drawings, LACMA
Louis Marchesano Louis Marchesano
Curator of Prints & Drawings, Getty Museum
Tracy Fullerton Tracy Fullerton
Assistant Professor/Co-Director, USC Game Innovation Lab
Kiki Wolfkill Kiki Wolfkill
Studio Head, Halo Transmedia & Entertainment
Lorne Lanning Lorne Lanning
Co-Founder/President, Oddworld Inhabitants
Daniel Dociu Daniel Dociu
Video Game Artist
Glenn Phillips Glenn Phillips
Principal Project Specialist and Consulting Curator
Richard S. Duardo Richard S. Duardo
Managing Director and Master Printer, MMI Fine Art Studio



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