Into the Pixel - An Exhibition of the Art of he Video Game    


Martin Bergstrom

Ready At Dawn
The Order: 1886

Please give us your name, company and position.

My name is Martin Bergstrom and Im a Senior Concept Artist at Ready At Dawn.

Tell us more about your winning Into the Pixel piece what does it showcase? How long did it take to create?

I have always been interested in storytelling and illustration and when the concept art scene started to grow around 10 years ago I thought it was a very creative place and I got sucked in. I started hanging out in forums where artists such as Craig Mullins posted their work and that became a huge inspiration for me.

What has been your favorite piece you have ever worked on and why?

Hard to say. I cant really pick one piece in particular, but the work I did for The Order: 1886 is up there.

The Order: 1886

What are some of the biggest changes in game art that youve witnessed over your career?

The number of artists and the amount of great work being posted all over the internet is a big change. You have so many different places to go to for inspiration and to learn from its almost a bit overwhelming.

What tips would you give to students/aspiring artists that want to enter the gaming industry?

Try and learn the foundations of drawing and painting, it will help you in the long run. Dont only look at other game artists, get inspiration from everything outside the game industry, it will help you find your own style.

Do you have any art galleries or profiles online where people can check out your work?

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