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Dorje Bellbrook


Please give us your name, company and position.†

Dorje Bellbrook, Bungie, Staff Artist

Tell us more about your winning Into the Pixel piece Ė what does it showcase? How long did it take to create?

This image shows ďThe Divide,Ē one of the first views of the Cosmodrome you have in Destiny. I wanted to show how the infrastructure was starting to collapse, with concrete cracking and settling, metal rusting, and plants reclaiming the buildings. I was inspired by the fantasy of the abandoned place, a dangerous playground where the possibilities for exploration and discovery are endless. I probably worked on this piece for a week, but I spent several months working on the Cosmodrome as a whole, and I had a lot of help from the artists building the space at the same time I was working on it. None of my work is done in a vacuum. There is always important input from leads, other concept artists, and production artists.

What has been your favorite piece you have ever worked on and why? †

Iím not sure I have a favorite single piece that Iíve worked on. However, from 2009-2012, I went through a period of growth where I practiced and learned a lot, and I really like my paintings from that time. I was heavily inspired by the concept artists I was working with, and Bungie gave me just the right opportunities to grow.

Are there any games where the art really resonated with you? What about in any other mediums like TV/movies/books?

The Last of Us seemed to hit a wonderful spot where the visuals perfectly described the world and evoked just the right tone. Impressively, towards the end of the game, the visuals worked hand in hand with the other disciplines of games creation to elevate the whole experience to an amazing piece of art. Shadow of the Colossus also had a big impact on me. I was captivated by the colossus designs and impressed by the ambiguous emotions I felt while fighting them. Certain things have captured my imagination throughout my life, like Star Wars, Robotech, Dragonlance, Alien/Aliens, Studio Ghibliís work, Tintin. Truthfully though, itís overwhelming how much amazing design and art there is to experience in this world, current and historical. Itís inspiring to browse a few tumblrs each day and see a hundred things that are incredible.

Shadow of the Colossus

Is there anyone you would like to thank for either helping you on the art piece or for your journey so far as a game artist?

Again, thanks to everyone at Bungie who laid the foundation for this work. I couldnít have done it without them. And thanks to Into The Pixel for giving game artists the chance to showcase our work!†

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