Into the Pixel - An Exhibition of the Art of he Video Game    


Christohpe Messier

Rayman Legends

Could you tell us more about the Zenith art piece and the inspiration behind it?†

Zenith is part of a series of images around the Olympus theme, which is meant to evoke the Greek countryside. I wanted people to feel this stifling and warm atmosphere that we sometimes experience in the summer, when we try to get out of the sun by hiding behind a treeís shadow. Or, maybe itís just that I needed a vacation at that time! ;)

What are some of your favorite games from an artistic perspective? †

My Interests in video games are quite varied. I love the character design of Team Fortress as much as the dark and magical world of Limbo, as well as the realism of Red Dead Redemption, etc.†

My sources of inspiration are eclectic, thatís why I can work on cartoonish worlds as well as more realistic ones.

Team Fortress 2

Who is one of your biggest inspirations in the art community - could you explain why?†

Many talented artists have inspired me. They often come from animation, comics and classical painting. But if I had to name one, I guess Iíd say Tadahiro Uesugi. I love this artist for his great mastery of light and composition, with a touch of retro-looking graphics. Itís really beautiful work!

Tadahiro Uesugi

Could you tell us more about your journey in how you became a game artist and your current position?†

Few years ago, I started working on a project called Rayman 3. It was a texture job but I also did the modeling and lighting. After, I worked in the animated film industry as a texture and matte painting artist. I started doing visual development around 2010 and worked on projects such as Tintin, Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends. †Now, Iím working on Assassins Creed Unity.

What is a random/unique fact about the game youíre working on or yourself that others may not know?

HmmmÖ well, my entire collection of video games comes down to a Nintendo liquid crystal game. Like the Game and Watch seriesí Fire Ė and it still works! ;)†

Where can fans follow your work online or through social media?†

I have a blog where you can see a lot of my previous work. Iíll have to wait a bit before being able to publish my most recent work... †

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