Into the Pixel - An Exhibition of the Art of he Video Game    




Juror Comments:


"Chinese Bar"
By Stephane Belin
Electronic Arts

“I love how suggestive and efficient these shapes are and how strong the light is. When you look at the technique, it is extremely simple, very quick and brushy, and yet it captures volume and light very efficiently.”

-Stephan Martiniere, ID Software

"Construction Site"
By Daniel Dociu

“I love how there's so much detail with such simple geometric elements that doesn't let you get lost in that detail. It's busy without being cluttered. It is one of the few pieces where you get this great sense of monumentality due to the depth. It is one of the few pieces that have the tilted perspective that actually works. It provides a true sense of scale.”

-Louis Marchesano, The Getty Research Institute

"Craft Cosmos"
By Kareem Ettouney
Media Molecule Ltd.; SCEE

“Every detail brings up something else that’s delightful. There’s a demonic little creature with the eye for a head, and none of it is in your face. It’s very beautifully composed. I’d put it in my child’s bed place.”

-Kevin Salatino, LACMA

"Dirk Dagger Pulp"
By Henrik Pettersson

“I feel like it's done very well as a representation of a book cover.”

-Glenn Phillips, The Getty Research Institute

"Drink Cart Pindown"

By Luc Allenet
Universal Interactive

“I was impressed with the level of movement and action from a basic concept piece. Great sense of intensity. Emphasis on the right elements to deliver on intensity – efficient use of basic forms for rest.”

-Kiki Wolfkill, Microsoft Game Studios

"Enhanced Steamsuit"
By Chris Dien
Sony Online Entertainment

“It has a lot of qualities to it. The execution of it is very well done. It has a good composition even with a few elements. It has a few whimsical elements to it that is very charming and well-done.”

-Stephan Martiniere, ID Software

"Ford Pursued"
By Bob Nelson
High Voltage

“I really love how unbalanced everything is and yet the overall effect is very balanced. I like how the overall comes together when all the pieces feel like they want to tip over.”

-Kiki Wolfkill, Microsoft Game Studios

“I Think You Knew My Father, Sir!”
By Mike McCarthy
Lionhead Studios

“I really like this piece, because of the fairytale aspect of it even though it's very conventional. I like how the depth of leaves appear to have been stamped and stacked, and the 3d colors look nice. It looks very pretty.”

-Glenn Phillips, The Getty Research Institute


By Corey Butler
Ensemble Studios / Blur

“I like the concept in general and what it was trying to do with the composition.”

-Louis Marchesano, The Getty Research Institute

"Night of the Zombidz"

By Guillaume Menuel

“Fun and whimsical!”

-Peter Raad, The Guildhall at SMU

"Over Hill, Over Dale"

By Matt Nava

“It's very elegant and simple, and very easy on the eye.”

-Jeremy Bennett, Valve Corporation


By Nicole Cardiff
Sony Online Entertainment

“Radiance is a prime example of the caliber of today’s video game artists through its stylistic lighting and detailed execution.”

-Thomas Haegele, Institute of Animation

"Snow Battle"

By Kekai Kotaki

“It’s very dynamic. It’s beautiful. Just like a watercolor, especially the snowy clouds in the background. It's very effectively done.”

-Kevin Salatino, LACMA

"The End of the World"

By James Ellis

“I agree with everyone else for how refreshing it is and the abstraction. It is reminiscent of a 1930’s photograph where they'll break down architecturally into really interesting shapes. The overall composition and graphic breakdown is very nice. It looks like art.”

-Jason Manley, Massive Black

"To The Moon"
By Lu Yang
Ubisoft France

“Masterful use of a very limited palette.”

-Louis Marchesano, The Getty Research Institute

"Viper Caverns"
By David Guertin
Sony Computer Entertainment America

“I enjoyed how simple spot lighting in the top two focused your attention, created drama and in effect simplified the detail.”

-Jeremy Bennett, Valve Corporation

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