Into the Pixel - An Exhibition of the Art of he Video Game    




Juror Comments:


"Cavern Suspension"
By Tyler West
Tyler West Studio/NC Soft

"The tension of surface, the sense of perspective, and the feeling of movement above are beautifully composed. It's brilliantly composed to achieve a lot. Without being too 'clever,' this piece brings movement into the picture -- which is hard to pull off without resorting to cheap tricks."

-Louis Marchesano, Getty Museum


"Canyon Dwelling"
By Tyler West
Tyler West Studio/NC Soft

"It's obvious that this is a very competent artist. This piece works, and it took a confident --even a brave artist -- to take this on, especially to execute it in this way."

-Lorne Lanning, Oddworld Inhabitants


"Life Could Be Simple and A Little Dangerous"
By Hao Cui

"Organic feel and organic space, cool contrast between the clearly digital and this organic feel."

-Kiki Wolfkill, Microsoft Game Studios


By Stephane Martiniere
Midway Games

"This was my favorite destroyed city image."

-Glenn Phillips, Getty Museum


"Four Knights"
By Richard Anderson

"Powerful, simple, clarity. Something I always look for. Monumental quality from simplicity."

-Daniel Dociu, NC Soft


By Kekai Kotaki

"This reminded me of a beautifully executed character from a historic  illustration. Or even an ancient tarot card."

-Lorne Lanning, Oddworld Inhabitants


By Tyler Lockett
Spicy Horse

"I loved this piece. It has an element of happy surprise, that's not at all typical game art. It's refreshing to the eye. The cut-out playfulness of the trees attracted me, and the study in contrasts between this fairy tale-like element and some sort of fantastical nightmare was extremely compelling."

-Tracy Fullerton, USC Game Innovation Lab


"Puzzle World Twilight"
By Jay Epperson
Electronic Arts

"The artist obviously knows his or her business. These were excellent choices for the composition."

-Kevin Salatino, LACMA


By Ted Backman, Jeremy Bennett, Tristan Reidford
Valve Corporation

"This was an extremely impactful image. Beautiful and elegantly composed."

-Richard S. Duardo, MMI Fine Art Studio


"The Rat Cage"
By Martin Deschambault
Artificial Mind and Movement

"The  use of those almost poisonous colors was daring on the part of the artist, but it really worked."

-Glenn Phillips, Getty Museum


"Gate to Karak Eight Peaks"
By Jonathan Kirtz
Electronic Arts

"Clearly an extremely competent artist."

-Louis Marchesano, Getty Museum


"DC Destruction"
By Tri Nguyen
Day 1 Studios

"Unparalleled painterly quality, can't help but appreciate it, excellent composition, textural quality."

-Daniel Dociu, NC Soft


"Ship Scroll"
By Dean Ashley, Dave Glanister ,Rita Linsley,  Robert Sutton
SCEE/Studio Liverpool

"I love that the artist is subtly mimicking a Japanese Scroll Pattern in a very interesting interpretation."

-Kevin Salatino, LACMA


"Sonic 002"
By Nick Thornborrow
BioWare Corp.

"I like the unadulterated cartoonishness and playfulness of this piece. a good diversity of elements and process."

-Tracy Fullerton, USC Game Innovation Lab

2008 Winners

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