Into the Pixel - An Exhibition of the Art of he Video Game    


Vasili Zorin

Insomniac Games
Sunset Overdrive

Could you tell us more about Souvenir Shop and the inspiration behind it? 

Sure, but the story behind it isn’t that long. I just had an assignment to design an eastern-style Souvenir Shop, so I went looking for Japanese architecture, which I really love. 

What is one of your favorite games artistically? 

Hard to say, there are so many stylish and beautiful games... I can`t name just one. I think Limbo is one of the most artistically beautiful games, then I`d say Kentucky Route Zero and Team Fortress 2, though I feel custom hats and guns ruined the game style a bit. 


Why did you decide to be an artist in the gaming industry?  Could you tell us more about how you worked for Insomniac? 

Actually I don`t think I`m quite a gaming industry artist. I`ve been working on all sorts of things before Sunset Overdrive. Speaking of working for Insomniac, ah, guess one of my best jobs ever. I really like the assignments I had during Sunset Overdrive development, so different and interesting, the variety of things I had to draw and design is just insane, which is great. And, of course the people. The people are really nice! 

What do you enjoy most about your work as a game artist? 

The opportunity to dream and imagine, and of course, polish my artistic skills. 

What is your favorite art style and why? 

60`s illustration I guess, Bernie Fuchs in particular. Solid strong drawing and painting skills, sharp composition and great personal style - ultimate combination. And I can`t not mention Sergio Toppi, Mike Mignola, Ashley Wood, Tatsuyuki Tanaka and Yoshida Hiroshi. All of them genius artists with strong and beautiful personal style, which I endlessly enjoy. 

Bernie Fuchs

What is a tip you would give an aspiring game artist trying to break into the games industry? 

Hah, be patient, work hard, and put as much love in your work as you can! Love is the ultimate tool! 

Where can fans follow your work?  Do you have a Twitter or website people can look up? 

I think the best place is Tumblr. Then here is my folio at Debut Art. And everyone is welcome at my new Facebook page.


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