Into the Pixel - An Exhibition of the Art of he Video Game    


Marek Madej

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Could you tell us more about the Village art piece and the inspiration behind it?†

This concept illustrates a village youíll visit during a certain stage of the game. The scene shows a place ravaged by troops marching further north. We wanted to really capture the contrast between spring, when everythingís coming to life, and the tragic situation the inhabitants of the village were in. Itís all about the mood. The main inspiration for this art was XIX Polish naturalism and realism.†

What is one of your favorite art pieces/artists that inspire you?†

To be honest, I could really name a lot. If weíre talking painting, I definitely need to mention Ivan Shishkin and Anders Zorn. When it comes to Polish painters, I really like Jacek Malczewski and Jůzef Brandt. As for contemporary artists, I could name people like Sergey Kolesov, Dice Tsutsumi, Jaimie Jones, James Jean and Jeremiego Enecio. Truth be told, the list is really long.

Ivan Shishkin: Morning in a Pine Forest

Could you tell us more about your journey in how you became a game artist and your current position at†CD PROJEKT RED?

I am currently a Concept Artist at CD PROJEKT RED. However, concept art is only a part of my daily work, as I also create characters and environments for the final game. As a concept artist, I also frequently help to transfer 2D assets into 3D models, by creating additional sketches for projects that encounter problems during production. In short, some things that work good in two dimensions aren't easily transferred into a three-dimensional space. Weíre always willing to go the extra mile for everything to be of the highest quality possible.†

As for my beginnings, I started my adventure with game development when games were mainly java-based. Roughly 7 years ago, I think. My main focus back then was creating graphical assets directly for games. After that I worked on an FPS game (although I cannot give you the title), but the studio shut down so I had to find work elsewhere. That led me to the advertisement and movie industry. When I was contacted by RED, I was working in Platige Image. Whatís funny, the man who contacted me, Mateusz Kanik, was a guy I met back in high school, when we worked together on a non-profit project.†

What is one of your most favorite moments working as a game artist thus far?†

The moment I like the most is when I see parts of what I do in the final, playable game. Thereís nothing more rewarding and nothing better motivates you to do your best every time you sit down to create something new. I also really appreciate the collaborative aspect of working on a game. This is because I know that many of my works wouldnít be as good as they are without the input of others.

Do you have a particular art style you enjoy the most? †

Iím still in the process of finding something that would resonate with me enough to call my own. I love to experiment and switch up my approach to a given idea. as well as work on stuff thatís sometimes from a really different ballpark. Thatís why, when I sometimes freelance, I tend to do stuff thatís entirely different from what I do at the studio.†

Do you have any tips you would give to aspiring game artists?†

The best advice I can give you is to be patient and to do what you love. Look at what you do and analyze the mistakes you make and experiment. Everything else will come with time.

Where can fans follow your work online?

Since CGHub is gone, I think the best place to track my work is my blog (which unfortunately isnít update as often as Iíd wish it would).

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