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Joe Studzinski

Ready at Dawn
The Order: 1886

Could you tell us more about London Street and the inspiration behind it?

This was a fun piece because it was one of the first paintings that I did for The Order: 1886. In the infancy of the project, the concept team and the game director had a short chat of what we wanted the world to feel like. What I took away from that conversation was the term, "Victorian Blade Runner." That term was the inspiration for this piece, and all the visual development going forward. I was trying to combine the dark, crowded, atmospheric feel of the film Blade Runner, with the neo-Victorian world that we were trying to develop for the game.

What is one of your favorite games artistically?

I have to say Journey. It's just a beautiful project all around in my opinion. From the stylistic choices in the art direction, it's simplicity, to its message. I wish there were more games like it.


Why did you decide to be an artist in the gaming industry?

While I was in school, i was really inspired by the work that was in The Art of Star Wars: Episode I. It's still one of my favorite art books! That was the first time I was really exposed to visual development, or concept art, but I knew right away that i wanted to do that kind of work. After school, it seemed like the gaming industry had the most opportunity for me, so off I went.

What is your favorite art style or medium?  What about that style or medium inspires you?

Art Nouveau. Really, it's the work of Alphonse Mucha that remains my biggest inspiration. His range of graphic design, illustration, product design, and architectural design is just amazing. And then go on to produce his legendary work in The Slav Epic, it's just an astounding body of work that has always inspired me.

The Slav Epic

What is a tip you would give an aspiring game artist trying to break into the games industry?

Talent is not enough, you have to work really, really hard if you want to succeed. No one is going to just give you a job, you need to earn one! Now go draw (or sculpt, or animate, or whatever you want to do)!!!

What is a random/unique fact about the game you’re working on or yourself that others may not know?

Galahad, the main character of The Order: 1886, has a pretty sweet mustache. It was inspired by my dad, who has been sporting a mean, police officer stache for 30 years! 

Where can fans follow your work online or via social media?

I have a humble sketch blog that I try to update every once in a while.

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