Into the Pixel - An Exhibition of the Art of he Video Game    


Jaime Jones

Guild Wars 2

Could you tell us more about the Summoning Pit art piece and the inspiration behind it? 

This image is all about scale. The characters in the foreground reel and scramble in response to a gigantic monster (designed by another Bungie artist, Adrian Majkrzak). I wanted to capture a moment of terror just before the battle begins

What is one of your favorite games from an artistic perspective? 

There are many, but Homeworld springs to mind. I like the designs by Rob Cunningham and the overall feel of the visuals. If I can mention a Bungie game, the Marathon Marine paintings by Craig Mullins are landmarks in digital concept art.


Could you tell us more about your journey in how you became a game artist and your current position? 

I painted this type of thing for fun until someone was kind enough to offer me a job doing it professionally. I was studying fine art and doing digital illustration in my free time. It was a classic example of a hobby that should have been a career.

What is your favorite art style or medium? What about that style or medium inspires you? 

I like oil paintings, especially from the late 19th century. For me, painters of this era had the right balance of tradition and defiance.

What is a random/unique fact about the game you’re working on or yourself that others may not know?  

When I started on Destiny it was a fantasy game! It still is, but seen through a futuristic lense.

Where can fans follow your work online? or

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