Into the Pixel - An Exhibition of the Art of he Video Game    


Raymon Swanland


Tell us about the game and inspiration behind your art piece.

Destiny is Bungie’s next action game. This piece illustrates the Exo, one of our playable races.  I was inspired by the challenge of bringing reality and weight to the concept of a playable robot race.

Are there any challenges that you can recollect or interesting tidbits about the piece you’d like to share?

I produced an unusually high number of thumbnail sketches in preparation for this piece. As I worked with our art director, Chris Barrett, we spent a long time searching for a story that would evoke the appropriate reaction from viewers. The exo are a sinister and powerful class, and the illustration had to distance them from the Awoken and the Humans. I think the extra time we spent planning this painting has paid off, as the end result continues to resonate with the intended audience.

Ralph McQuarrieWho/what influenced you to pursue art in games?  

Watching Star Wars as a 10 year old made me aware of the visual design that gives life to imaginary worlds. Seeing the work of illustrators like Ralph McQuarrie and Craig Mullins showed me the place drawing and painting held in that design process. Playing PC games in the early 90s focused my interest on games.

What is your favorite part of creating the art for games? 

Those breakthrough moments when I solve a nagging problem in an illustration.

What tips/advice do you have for aspiring game artists?

Draw the things that you’d like to see. Try to outdo yourself with every piece!

Is there an art site where fans can check out more of your work?

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