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Dhabih Eng and Quentin Smith

Dota 2

Could you tell us more about the New Bloom Festival art piece and the inspiration behind it?

The New Bloom update for Dota 2 takes place during Chinese New Year and we wanted to create a piece for the update’s website that drew from Chinese art and influence. As we were gathering reference for the things that are prevalent in Chinese art, we came across a lot of beautiful wood carvings. Given that it was a “wood” year according to the Chinese zodiac, we felt like a woodcarving of the battle between the Horse and the Year Beast was the right way to get people into the flavor of what was to come over the next few days of the update.


Do you have any tips you would give to aspiring game artists?

The key is to have a well-balanced approach to art and games. Don’t ignore learning about the fundamentals of art. A strong foundation in art theory and experience with traditional media, will greatly benefit the end product. At the same time, any experience you can get with getting feedback from your “customer”, whether that’s an online community, your friends and family, or shipping a game mod to an audience, is invaluable in improving your ability to make better decisions, and the more often you do this, the better you will become at it.


Where can fans follow your work online or through social media?

All our work is currently what we ship to the public through our products at Valve. Both Quentin and I are focused on Dota 2 right now, so you will continue to see more from us and all the artists on the team at Dota 2.

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